In this demo site we are introduce the Flat theme of the Live Search as a shop and content search system. As you can see the main topic of this demo are WinterSports. Searching in the articles you will find the most-common ski tracks in Europe, and you can also find everything what you need for these sports in the shop section.

About the Flat Theme

Probably the word Flat are a bit familiar, because this is the most common design-trend nowadays, and more and more articles and posts appear around this topic. If you would like to get a short description of this, it probably sounds like: Simple colors, and edges, or Let's make your website more user-friendly, and more clean. The Flat Theme of the Universal AJAX Live Search also gives you a user friendly interface, within the simplest design and finest animations, ever!

What features can you see here?

The Live Search appears in the header image. It is placed there with a simple module position. The background of the search box is transparent, to make the search a unified part of the image. The dark skin is totally fit to the image feeling, the nice icons and smooth Google Fonts takes the whole module to a higher level.

Result elements

The results appear immediately after you enter a keyword like ski or snowboard. Hover on the result cards to see the spectacular mouse over effect. The result items fully fill up the provided area's width. In the module manager you can also specify how many columns appear in different devices, from large desktops to mobile phone layouts. You can try it easily right now, by resizing your browser.