Many sites are working as a little social community nowadays around a specific group, like animals, some hobbies or celebrities. A search module is necessary on these sites, to search in the entire community to find friends, or get some details of people.

Social sites with Live Search

As you can read above, a community site can't be complete without a full featured search engine. Finding friends or checking upcoming events are the most important activities on these sites. The Live Search properly works together with the most-common social extensions, and give you the results in milliseconds, so it is an absolutely good choice.

Additional details

As you can see, the search module appears on the top of the page next to the menu. You can also use this layout, if you would like that your users can easily navigate on your site by the menu or the search. Of course this is also a simple module position, in the template. Another advantage of this extension that the results can placed anywhere, not depending on the search box' position. See more below:

Try to search

As previously mentioned, this demo site is a kind of a social network, where famous people actresses, actors and musicians are registered. Try to search for actress to see famous women, or type Emma for a unique result. The items appear in the header with small thumbnails. Of course the spectacular mouse over effect also can be found in this case.

A few tips and tricks

If you like the new Flat Theme after you check the demos, you should keep calm, because all of the layouts, skins or colors are customizable in the module manager settings so you can even have also the same appearance on your site.